The Vancouver Virology Centre is looking for volunteers to greet patients, file charts and other related paper work, prepare for next day clinic, help new patients complete forms and surveys, run clinic related errands in the immediate neighbourhood, fax, copy, format letters and other office duties and help in on-site and off-site events and functions.

Since we are in the early stages, you will get to see our clinic evolve and grow, you will learn everything about working and running a research facility, you will have the chance to share ideas and even implement your inputs and suggestions as a valued member of the team. You will also learn about the daily running of a doctor’s clinic and you will get to interact with large number of patients from all walks of life.

We are looking for volunteers who are professional, motivated, enthusiastic, mature, patient, compassionate, someone who can handle stress and can work in a fast paced environment, hard-working, culturally sensitive, LGBTQ friendly, love to help others and have a good sense of humour.

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