New ideas require creativity. In the field of medical research, developing new ideas requires networking with other researchers who pursue similar goals. This is why the Vancouver Virology Centre Society (VVCS) has built up a national and international network of research partnerships.


University of British Columbia

UBC is a leader in research in the nation. Through our partnership with the Faculty of Family Medicine, VVCS is also a teaching facility for residents, medical students and international trainees who are interested in improving their skills in inner-city medicine and learn research methodology.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN) is an innovative partnership of clinical investigators, physicians, nurses, people living with HIV, pharmaceutical manufacturers and others that facilitate HIV clinical trials of the highest scientific and ethical standards. Through our partnership we are able to connect with leaders in HIV/AIDS research to do projects coast to coast.


Infectious Disease Hospital

The Infectious Disease Hospital based in Kuwait is unique in centralizing all patients with chronic infections to one centre. This allows us to compare healthcare policies, epidemiological data and evaluate treatment efficacy in different communities.